Trust Accountant

Amanda Kay

09 306 1885


What do I do?

I am responsible for managing the financial affairs of the firm and our trust account.

What do I enjoy about what I do?

I enjoy the interaction within our team and with our clients. This is a great environment to work in and the way in which we treat each other is reflected in the way in which we treat our clients – with professional respect and genuine enjoyment of the work we do.

What have I done in the past?

I started working in the legal profession in 1980 and have spent my career in the business of managing law firms. I have worked for McMahon Butterworth Thompson for over twenty years.

What would I be if I weren't a Trust Accountant?

If I hadn't become a trust accountant, or worked in law firms, I’d have liked to work with my favourite animals – turtles!